CDF15870-A3B0-4858-B2AE-9E86DC10A1B3-12317-000004B2BF84F27DMy client engagements have involved a multitude of business, investment, and family transactions. The tax implications of those matters are always evaluated alongside and simultaneously with the other relevant bodies of law at issue.

Typical representations include:

Private investment and closely-held business planning, analysis, and structure;

family investment and holding company organization and reorganization;

real estate investment, development, acquisitions, and dispositions, including tax-free exchanges;

cross-border transactions (inbound and outbound) involving real estate, services, and goods;

friends and family, angel and other private equity and debt funding;

business operations, including formation, funding, dissolution, mergers, acquisitions, and other exits;

individual and partnership taxation;

executive and equity compensation, including deferred;

liquidity event, pre- and post-planning;

repatriation of foreign assets from entities and trusts;

worker classification planning and controversy;

family office organization and operations;

inbound and outbound business/individual migration around the U.S. and abroad.